We’ve built a platform
for all digital projects.

We’re reinventing the global decentralized blockchain – that is a secure, smart, and easy-to-use platform, and completely disrupting the way businesses raise capital and the way investors buy and sell Crypto Coin.

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What is Daatty Coin ?

Daatty Coin is a platform for all Decentralized Multiple Projects that are Cloud Data based, and the future of funding will be powered by Daatty blockchain.

While existing solutions offer to solve just one problem at a time, our platform is up to build a secure, useful, & easy-to-use product based on a Daatty blockchain. It will include easy cryptocurrency payments integration and even a digital arbitration system.

In the end, Our aim is to integrate all companies, employees, and business assets into a unified blockchain ecosystem, which will make business truly efficient, transparent, and reliable.

The Daatty Coin Ico App APPS

Once you’ve entered into our Platform, you can manage everything as per your ease. Anyone with Daatty Coin holding can participate in this global Decentralized marketplace.

We have Multiple projects with new Decentralized blockchain technology. We use 50% of the fund to develop our project and the remaining for Marketing & Research.

Our Decentralized Projects includes the following:

  • Booking and Rental
  • Freelance Platform
  • Learning App
  • Software Solutions
  • Video Conferencing App
  • Payment System
  • Cloud Storage
  • Digital Shopping
  • Internet
  • Search Engine
  • On-Demand Multiple Services
  • Professional Services App
  • Social Media Networking
  • Messenger

Benefits for Daatty Coin holders:

  • Affordable price
  • All Projects Free for every Daatty Coin user worldwide
  • Own wallet to transfer money anywhere in the world
  • Professional Network
  • No more expensive fees
  • Revenue shares to users in terms of coin bonus

Token Sale TOKEN

Daatty Coin ICO Crypto token will be released on the basis of the Ethereum platform. It’s the compatibility of the token with third-party services wallets, exchanges, etc, which provides easy-to-use integration.


March 25, 2020 (9:00AM GMT)

Number of tokens for sale



June 30, 2020 (11:00AM GMT)

Tokens exchange rate

1 DTC=0.0001

Acceptable currencies&crypto


Minimal transaction amount

100 USD

  • 00 Days
  • 00 Hours
  • 00 Minutes
  • 00 Seconds

of tokens

of proceeds


March 2020

Start of the ICO Crypto Platform Development.

March 2020

Over 100 merchants on site

March 2020

Launch of mobile Apps

March 2020

ICO preparation & Press Tour

March 2020

Start Token Sale Round (1)

April 2020

Partnership with Saturn Network Decentralized exchanges and listing for public to buy and Sell Daatty Coin token.

April 2020

Listed on Decentralized Vindax Exchange

June 2020

Listing On PROBIT (Decentralized Exchange) Korea's One Of The Biggest Exchange & one of the Best in The World.

July 2020

Starting Token Sale Round (2) For Corporate Buyers Only

April 2021

Own Block chain & Start Mining

May 2021

Listing on BINANCE Exchange & Operational Launch Of Daatty Wallet Globally to general & Decentralized Cloud storage & Internet Project Will start the first phase.

Powered by a Team TEAM

The Daatty Coin ICO Crypto Team combines a passion for e-sports, industry expertise & proven record in finance, development, marketing & licensing.

Founder & CEO

David Huzum
Head of Team

Tariq Herekar
Co-Founder & Director

Zaka Acumen
Head of Planning

Abraham Thomas

Honey Singh
Head of Programming

Victor Sousa
Non-Executive Director (UK)

Muhammad Sufyan Malik
Project Manager

Other members

Community Manager

Community Manager

Aaron Barboza
Community Manager

Ikram Rahhali
Brand Model & Community Manager


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Daatty Coin News NEWS

Silicon Valley Investment expected

    Daatty Coin administration had a first successful round of meeting with Silicon Valley...

Daatty Coin listed on IcoHolder

  Congratulations Daatty Coin team and Investors  As another feather added in the cap of...

Daatty Coin is listed on Vindax

    VinDAX Lists Daatty Coin (DTC) on 2020/04/20 08:00 UTC VinDAX will open trading...

Frequently asked questions FAQS

Below we’ve provided details of FAQs. If you have any other questions, please get in touch by using the contact form below.

Daatty Coin is a unique Multi-project platform that will have a Cloud Base Storage and it can be used by anyone but for DTC holders it will be free.In addition we give tokens of Daatty Coin to every investor that invests in our project and in future Daatty Coin value can be appreciated like any other industry-leading crypto. Benefits on investment are guaranteed and free usage of all our projects is given based on the coin holding. DTC grid is a secure, smart, and easy-to-use platform. Daatty Coin is disrupting the way businesses raise capital.

Daatty Coin is Traded On Exchange in Three pairs ( BTC, ETH, USDT)

Simply register and verify your account using the confirmation link sent to your email address. After that you can log-in and buy our coin, the minimum value requested is 100 USD. We have many payment options, such as Paypal, bank transfer, Crypto wallet, and many more. If you would like to know about another payment method feel free to contact our crowd sales team as well as our live chat team on our website.

Daatty Coin is listed on Saturn Exchange Network and Vindax Exchange, but soon in ( Probit & Binance) so you can do business there. We recommend to all our users that the best option is to hold Daatty Coin for a period of one or two years for maximum profit. Once all our projects are completed Daatty Coin's demand will rise and all our projects will be highly demanded, therefore the transactions will only accept Daatty Coin. In this case Daatty coin value is appreciated.

Pre ICO (Initial Coin Offering) - is a unique opportunity to get a new cryptocurrency before it is listed in the exchange.

A single entity can make a purchase of a minimum of 100 USD and a maximum of 500 Million USD coin worth value.

Pre ICO Daatty coin exchanges start when it is listed in an exchange. Once it is listed and your coin is credited in your wallet you can start placing a sell order or you can transfer it directly to anyone who has an ETH(Ethereum) Wallet.

Our pre-ICO Daatty coin can be bought with Bitcoin but trading is possible only after being listed.

The DTC token is a digital currency used in order to raise funds for the crypto company to start the project.

As normal when demand is high its price can increase. All Daatty Coin projects are only accepting Daatty Coin, therefore in this case users must buy Daatty Coin to get the project benefit.

Here is the public key of DTC token to add to your Wallet 0xAD8B556174bff978c6a6Ea022871C3E26eA9dDb2

Here is DTC Wallet code to transfer Ethereum 0x13FB80644638489B15cE66Ef206047f24D19DC3d

DTC token can be exchanged, when a user sends Ethereum to your smart contract address they will get paid token automatically. Anyone can buy or sell and get paid.

Please consult with your legal authorities to find out whether it is legal or not


Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.

     Phone: +49 1785945849  

     Email: [email protected]    

     Address:  Zwillingstraße 5, 80807, München, Germany

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