Legal and Risks


The DAATTY TOKENS is classified as a utility token and is a crypto that gives access to unique advantages within the DAATTY platform.

The DAATTY TOKENS has no features that classify it as tradable security, money market instrument, collective investment agreement, electronic money, commodity, derivative, security or any other form of investment in Germany or any other international jurisdiction.

This White Paper is compiled per under the requirements and provisions of industry-related legislation. Its primary function is to inform all consumers adequately and clearly about the advantages and risks of purchasing DAATTY TOKENS. The entire process of a public offering of the DAATTY TOKENS for sale and subsequent listing procedures in Crypto Assets Exchanges is conducted by following the relevant obligations under the laws of the State in which the DAATTY TOKENS is being marketed.

This White Paper does not constitute a prospectus or offer document, is not an investment solicitation, does not constitute an offer of financial instruments, securities to the public, or a collective investment agreement.

The DAATTY COMPANY reserves the right to (i) make changes to this White Paper in any document linked to DAATTY TOKENS to ensure compliance with applicable regulatory requirements and (ii) to do all as necessary to comply with any regulatory obligation, including, but not limited to, stopping or suspending DAATTY TOKENS operations or negotiations, if deemed necessary, at the sole discretion of the DAATTY GROUP. DAATTY TOKENS holders are solely responsible for seeking, if required, the terms of prior or subsequent approval, notification, registration or license that are necessary to transact on the blockchain market in Switzerland or any other jurisdiction in which DAATTY TOKENS holders are citizens, nationals, residents or have a similar connecting factor or, in the case of a legal entity, which is incorporated, registered or effectively administered in one of the aforementioned jurisdictions. In all such situations, the DAATTY Group will in no way be liable for any non-compliance with the conduct of DAATTY TOKENS holders. Ownership use and trading of DAATTY tokens do not give DAATTY TOKENS holders any rights, express or implied, other than as described in this White Paper and other related documents issued by the DAATTY Group.
DAATTY TOKENS does not represent or confer any ownership, participation, claim, or guarantee on any of the DAATTY Group companies. DAATTY TOKENS does not give holders any privilege, preference, corporate or credit right with respect to the DAATTY GROUP, including the right to be a partner, right to participate in profits, or intellectual property rights or any other form of equity interest in any of the DAATTY GROUP companies.

DAATTY TOKENS is not available to a natural person who is a citizen, national, resident, or has a similar connection factor to a State, jurisdiction, or territory where Virtual Financial Assets, tokens, cryptocurrencies, or other related crypto are prohibited or have regulatory restrictions. The same applies to legal entities based in places of restriction.

DAATTY Group managers, as identified in this White Paper, are the persons responsible for the information contained herein. DAATTY GROUP administrators have taken all reasonable steps to validate the information contained in this document and have concluded, to the best of their knowledge, that all is per under the facts and that there is no omission of content that may affect the correct understanding of others. About the project. DAATTY Group managers accept responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained herein.
To the fullest extent permitted by applicable laws, regulations, and rules, DAATTY Group shall not be liable for any indirect, exceptional, incidental, consequential or other losses of any kind (including but not limited to revenue or profit loss, and data loss), arising out of or in connection with any interpretation, belief, or reliance upon the contents of this White Paper or any part thereof.

The acquisition, possession, and/or use of DAATTY TOKENS are associated with significant risks.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of the most relevant risks that DAATTY TOKENS holders are subject to:

Those interested in becoming DAATTY TOKENS holders should consider such risk factors in conjunction with all information provided by this White Paper and are advised to seek professional consultation (including financial, accounting, regulatory advisors), tax, technology among other experts) before deciding to get DAATTY TOKENS.

Most of the risk factors listed in this section are considered contingent risks that may or may not occur, and the DAATTY GROUP can’t predict the circumstances and timing of their occurrence.

The purchase/use of DAATTY TOKENS is only suitable for persons of a high degree of financial sophistication, able to assess the merits and risks of such acquisition or persons who have professional support and advice regarding the purchase of Crypto assets and who have enough financial resources to withstand significant losses that may occur (including up to the total loss of assets used to acquire the DAATTY TOKENS).

Related Risks
By purchasing, owning, or using the DAATTY TOKENS, you expressly acknowledge and assume the following risks listed in this White Paper:

Market Risk: The market price of cryptocurrencies, digital tokens, and other crypto-assets can be extremely volatile. Holders of DAATTY TOKENS must bear the risk of significant variations in the market price of DAATTY TOKENS, in addition to the possibility of a loss of capital.

Hacking Risk: The risk of hacking groups and organizations can intrude and is inherent in the technology market.

Vulnerability Risk: There is a risk that DAATTY TOKENS could inadvertently include weaknesses or errors in the source code, interfering with usage and causing some form of loss.

Private Key Risk: Considering the risk of hacking, and considering that the DAATTY model, like most global exchanges, does not provide a private key for each user, it may be interesting to consider storing in some cold wallet at user preference.

Regulatory Risks: While some jurisdictions are progressive in regulating tokens, cryptocurrencies, and other applications of blockchain technology, laws and regulations can be rapidly changed. Also, the treatment of laws and regulations varies significantly across jurisdictions and is subject to significant uncertainties. Therefore, the lack of guarantee of regulatory stability of the crypto implies that any modification may impact the usefulness or value of the DAATTY TOKENS and, ultimately, render the DAATTY project unviable.

Bankruptcy or Dissolution Risk: The Issuer’s insolvency may prevent the viability of the DAATTY Bankruptcy or Dissolution Risk, which may undermine the usefulness and value of the DAATTY TOKENS. Cryptoactive, such as DAATTY TOKENS, as well as blockchain, are new technologies with little time on the market. In addition to the risks included in this White Paper, there are other risks associated with holding and using the DAATTY TOKENS, including unforeseen risks. Such risks may materialize at any time due to an unforeseen circumstance or a combination of all risk factors described in this White Paper.

DAATTY TOKENS holders represent and warrant that they assume sole responsibility for any restrictions and risks associated with the possession or use of DAATTY TOKENS.
If any of the risks described herein are unacceptable to the purchaser of the DAATTY TOKENS, or if the purchaser is unable to understand that they are exposed to such risks, the purchase, maintenance, or use of the DAATTY TOKENS is not advised.