Daattycoin Terms and Condition

Daatty Cloud Coin Terms and Conditions

Daatty Cloud Coin Please note that when registering, you agree to the terms and conditions established below.

The crowd funding is organized by Daatty Cloud Coin. Crowdfunders can currently start registering. The email address of the Crowd funder will be registered. After registration, an amount of at least S100 will have to be paid so that the crowd funding can commence. When you buy S1,000,per month the Daatty Cloud Coin KYC procedure will enter. The sale of ICO tokens will take place in an ICO and IEO accordantly at the date announced on the website [email protected] In particular, if you are a resident of People’s Republic of China, North Korea, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, Canada and USA, you cannot attend this ICO and IEO crowdfunding.

Article 1 General

In these conditions, the following definitions apply:

• General terms and conditions: These general terms and conditions

• Crowdfunder/Customer: The natural or legal person who has concluded a contract with Daatty Cloud Coin.

• Daatty Cloud Coin BV located in Driebergen—Rijsenburg, The Netherlands.

• Wallet: This is a software program that stores keys. The software can interact with different blockchain networks. With this wallet, the customer/Crowdfunder can send and receive digital payment units.

• Entrepreneurial activities: Daatty Cloud Coin is currently doing Reward Based Crowdfunding in the form of ICO DTC and hereby makes available a wallet with the functionality of transferring DTC tokens to other Daatty Cloud Coin wallets and information available Sustainability and prosperity related issues.

• ICO: Emission of specifically programmed crypto—assets for financing projects and startups.

• ICO DTC: Is Reward Based Crowdfunding. Registration of telephone number or email address with an inlay of at least S100. After registration, the DTC tokens are made available in a digital wallet.

• Reward—Based Crowdfunding: A form of crowdfunding where consumers or businesses invest an amount against a reward via a website or Android/iOS application.

• In writing: By letter, by e—mail, by fax or by any other means of communication which, in view of the current state of the art in civil society, can be equated with this.

Article 2 scope

These general terms and conditions apply to all legal relationships between the Crowdfunder

and Daatty Cloud Coin.

The conditions also apply to all agreements with Daatty Cloud Coin for the implementation of

which third—

party services should be involved.

The applicability of the general conditions or other conditions of the Crowdfunder is hereby

expressly excluded.

If one or more provisions of these general terms and conditions are null and void, the

remaining provisions of these Terms and conditions shall remain in full application.

Deviations from the general terms and conditions are only valid if they have been agreed in

advance by Daatty Cloud Coin and the Crowdfunder.

These general terms and conditions may be modified or supplemented at any time. The

amended general terms and Conditions shall also apply in respect of agreements already

concluded, subject to a period of one month following the written publication of this


Daatty Cloud Coin is entitled to engage third parties in the performance of its agreements.

If the Crowdfunder in its contract includes any terms or conditions that differ from, or are not

included in these terms and conditions, these are binding on Daatty Cloud Coin only if they

have been expressly accepted by Daatty Cloud Coin in writing.

These general terms and conditions are written in the Dutch language. In a possible

translation, the Dutch text is binding upon any difference in content or intent.

The communication held, received or stored by Daatty Cloud Coin, or administration, is

authentic, except

to provide proof by the Crowdfunder.

Article 3 Agreement

The agreement between Daatty Cloud Coin and Crowdfunder is established by registering the

telephone number and/or email address and paying at least S100.

After registration and payment of at least S100, DTC tokens are distributed. The agreement is

expected to take up to January 2020. After this date, the DTC tokens will be listed at an


The Crowdfunder is aware that the value of cryptocurrencies such as BitCoin and LiteCoin can

fluctuate sharply and that no guarantee can be issued for the value of the cryptocurrencies

at any time.

In the ICO phase Daatty Cloud Coin uses the Stellar—blockchain whose conditions, read

at, [email protected] can be considered here as repeated and inserted.

In particular, if you are a resident of People’s Republic of China, North Korea, Iran, Afghanistan,

Syria, Canada and USA, you cannot purchase DTC through the token sale.

Article 4 liabilities Daatty Cloud Coin

Daatty Cloud Coin registers personal data and closely follows the law General Data Protection

Regulation (GDPR) of 25 May 2016.

Upon registration a deposit of at least S100 is requested. When the deposit is completed,

Daatty Clod Coin then returns DTC tokens. It is up to Daatty Cloud Coin to list the DTC

tokens on an exchange around January 2020. The aforementioned period does not concern a


DTC tokens uses the Stellar—blockchain.

Article 5 obligations Crowdfunder

The Crowdfunder registers his or her telephone number.

The deposit per registration is at least S100.

Entering the right data is the responsibility of the Crowdfunder. The Crowdfunder guarantees

the correctness of the data specified by the Crowdfunder. Failure to transmit data correctly

is entirely at the expense and risk of the crowdfunder.

The Crowdfunder bears the responsibility for having a good and safe:

⬥ Computer, tablet, smartphone or other device that can be used to connect to the website

via the Internet, which is equipped with up—to—date measures against, among others,

intruders, viruses, spam, etc.;

⬥ Phone or smartphone to which the Crowdfunder is only able to access itself, and through

which SMS messages from Daatty Cloud Coin can be received unimpeded.

⬥ In the event that the conditions laid down in this article are not fulfilled, Daatty Cloud Coin

shall not be liable for damages incurred as a result of fraud

Registration is only allowed for persons over 18 years of age. The Crowdfunder declares to be

older than 18 years or to have obtained permission from a parent or guardian.

The Crowdfunder indemnifies Daatty Cloud Coin of all legal claims relating to the data,

information, website (s) and the like stored by the Crowdfunder.

Article 6 amendment of the agreement

It is not possible to change the amount invested.

If the Crowdfunder wants to invest more, it is possible to purchase additional DTC ICO tokens.

Article 7 Contract duration

The agreement is entered into with effect from registration for the period until the listing of

the DTC token on an exchange, which is expected to take place around January 2020.

A legal claim against Daatty Cloud Coin of any kind, shall be made 1 year after the

termination of the contract.

Change in management or legal form does not affect the agreement

Daatty Cloud Coin is committed to preventing fraud. Daatty Cloud Coin is allowed to take all

measures that Daatty Cloud Coin deems necessary before, during and after a transaction.

Daatty Cloud Coin is entitled to suspend and/or cancel a transaction at any time to prevent

fraud and/or misuse, in order to investigate the transaction and/or request additional


Daatty Cloud Coin is at all times entitled to terminate and/or cancel the agreement at its sole

discretion. In the presumption or determination that is contrary to these terms and conditions

and/or misuse has been made, Daatty Cloud Coin is also entitled to block an account and to

recover the DTC tokens that have already been paid. Daatty Cloud Coin is under no

circumstances liable to the crowdfunder. If paid via a bank, the amount already paid will be

refunded minus the costs incurred. For payments with cryptocurrencies, refunds are only

possible if the Crowdfunder confirms the return wallet, given the initial paying wallet cannot be


Article 8 Payment

Payment by the Crowdfunder should be made in advance, without deduction, discount or debt

settlement. Payment must be made in fiat money and/or BTC, ETH, XLM.

Article 9 Intellectual Property

All word and image marks used by Daatty Cloud Coin are owned by Daatty Cloud Coin and

its licensors. It is not permitted to use these word and figurative marks without the prior

written consent of Daatty Cloud Coin and the relevant licensor.

In the event of a third party argues that the use of the works is contrary to the intellectual

property rights of that third party, the Crowdfunder Daatty Cloud Coin shall notify it

without delay.

Article 10 Data Privacy

Daatty Cloud Coin has a separate privacy regulation, to be consulted via the website. This

Regulation applies to all current and future legal relationships between Daatty Cloud Coin

and Crowdfunder. By accepting these general terms and conditions, the Crowdfunder is

deemed to have taken note of these privacy regulations and also accept them.

In the context of the implementation of the agreement, Daatty Cloud Coin processes personal

data of the Crowdfunder.

Daatty Cloud Coin and Crowdfunder Act in accordance with the laws and regulations

regarding the protection of personal data in the processing of personal data.

Article 11 Liability

Information provided by Daatty Cloud Coin is provided with the utmost care. Nevertheless,

inaccuracies cannot always be prevented. Daatty Cloud Coin is not liable for any damage

caused by incompleteness or inaccuracies, unless there is intent or gross negligence.

Daatty Cloud Coin is not liable for any damage resulting from the use of its website or its services.

All opinions of Daatty Cloud Coin (by telephone, by e—mail or information on the website)

are free of obligation, informative and without any liability of Daatty Cloud Coin given.

Daatty Cloud Coin can never be held liable for damage suffered by crowdfunder due

to price fluctuations.

In view of the existence of a distance buying or selling by a consumer, Crowdfunder has the

right, as a consumer, to invoke, within 14 days without giving reason, the dissolution of the

contract, the so—called ' right of withdrawal '.

The Crowdfunder accepts the special circumstances that may arise in the service provided

by Daatty Cloud Coin via the Internet and the (technical) imperfections that may arise,

such as the inability to obtain (full) access To the website [email protected] failure to

provide and/or not timely provision and/or processing of an order, malfunctions of and/or

defects in the website of Daatty Cloud Coin and/or underlying hardware and/or (inter)

network connections and/or software on which the platform runs and/ or external services

that the platform uses. Except for the intent and gross negligence of Daatty Cloud Coin,

Daatty Cloud Coin is not liable for these special circumstances, or for any consequences of

the (temporary) failure or not being fully reachable or available from the Daatty Cloud Coin

website or at Delays and/or malfunctions and/or not full operation of the website.

If an error is made because the Crowdfunder has provided Daatty Cloud Coin incorrect or

incomplete information, Daatty Cloud Coin will not be liable for the damage resulting from

this. The Crowdfunder indemnifies Daatty Cloud Coin for claims by third parties for

damages caused by the Crowdfunder providing incorrect or incomplete information to

Daatty Cloud Coin, unless the crowdfunder demonstrates that the damage is not related to

any divisible Act or omission on its part or is caused by intent or gross negligence of

Daatty Cloud Coin.

Daatty Cloud Coin is only liable for direct damage. It is never liable for indirect damages,

including but not limited to business damage, loss of production, turnover and/or lost

profits, costs involved in the execution of the object, depreciation of products, missed

Savings and damage due to business stagnation. The damage that Daatty Cloud Coin has

to compensate is limited at all times to the deposit amount.

The liability for direct damage of Daatty Cloud Coin due to attributable shortcoming in the

fulfilment of an agreement arises only if the Crowdfunder Daatty Cloud Coin fails without

delay and duly in writing, claiming a reasonable Period for the purification of shortcoming

and Daatty Cloud Coin also after that period attributable in the fulfilment of its obligations

remains inadequate. The notice of default should contain as detailed a description as

possible of the shortcoming, so that Daatty Cloud Coin is able to react adequately.

Daatty Cloud Coin is not liable for loss and/or theft of a mobile phone number. This is

entirely at the expense and risk of the crowdfunder.

Article 12 Force majeure

In the event of force majeure, including, in any case, electricity and internet failures, hackers

and in the event that Daatty Cloud Coin is not made available for delivery which does not

reasonably allow fulfillment of the agreement from Daatty Cloud Coin The execution of

the agreement will be suspended, or both parties shall be entitled to terminate the

Agreement for persistent problems of more than three months, all without any obligation

to pay damages.

There is no imputable shortcoming of Daatty Cloud Coin if there is force majeure.

Article 13 expiry period

To the extent that these general terms and conditions have not been otherwise determined,

any claim rights and other powers of the crowdfunder from any other means to Daatty

Cloud Coin in connection with the provision of activities by Daatty Cloud Coin in any

event after one year after the When the crowdfunder became known or Could reasonably

have been aware of the existence of these rights and powers.

Article 14 applicable law; Competent court

All agreements between the Crowdfunder and Daatty Cloud Coin to which these general

terms and conditions apply are governed by Indian law.

The court in the seat of Daatty Cloud Coin shall have exclusive jurisdiction to take notice of

disputes, unless the law requires otherwise. Daatty Cloud Coin, however, has the right to

submit the dispute to the court competent under the law.