Community Manager


Area of Expertise.

  • Marketing
  • Team management
  • Project management


  • Indian promoter and marketing manager at ecoinofficial
  • In core marketing team @ cloud coin
  • Board advisor at monnos


  • 10th standardMgmhs puthencruz2017-18
  • 12th standard (computer science)St.peter’s kolenchery2018-2020

Hello everyone, I am Jeevan a very young talented about cryptocurrencies and passionate.

This passion leads me to work in the past for other companies such as ecoin and with monnos. Being a community manager and coming from different job opportunities I had the opportunity to improve my skills and join the Daatty Coin community which is, for now, the most impressive organization I have ever worked with. I am a good teammate and with my previous experience I know how to target different communities, this is also one of the reasons I was hired by Daatty Coin Team