Zaka Acumen

Head of Planning

Zaka AcumenHead of Planning

Area of expertise

  •  Planning and execution
  • Organizational Skills
  • Being Neutral / Open-Minded.
  • Problem Solving Through Negotiation, Consensus Building, or Compromise.Analytical Abilities.
  • Having a Thick Skin.
  • Flexibility / Multi-Tasking.
  • Research Skills.


  •  Masters Degree from University of Sargodha 2014-16
  • Bachelor in Science 2011-13
  • College education from Federal Board 2009-11

Zaka Acumen is also a part of the Daatty Coin team and involved to Design and maintain all complex engineering plans.
Ensure compliance with all program requirements and assess all schedule risks and assist to mitigate all programs. Coordinate with the project development team and manage all communication with various departments

Supervises requirements planning for the department, division, project, or organization.
Supervises other planning personnel, such as consultants and developers.
Prepares budget and oversees expenditures. Sets goals, policies, and procedures for the project.